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Umeme Plaza - Riara Road

Umeme Plaza


Umeme Plaza Location:

Umeme Plaza is located at the intersection of Naivasha Road and Riara Roads, approximately 300 meters from Nakumatt Junction and about 350 meters from the Naivasha Road/Riara Road Junction, within Lavington Area, Nairobi County.

Property Details:

The property spans approximately 1.268 hectares or 3.133 acres and is designated for commercial purposes.

Umeme Plaza Description:

Umeme Plaza consists of a two (2no.) storey commercial block and part of a three (3no.) storey commercial block. Additionally, three (3no.) sentry units are at each entrance. The underdeveloped section of the property is thoughtfully landscaped with grass lawns and flowerbeds.

Main Services Include: 

  • Mains Electricity
  • Piped Water 
  • Trunk Sewer Lines
  • Tarmacked Roads
  • Ample Parking
  • A Borehole
  • Power Backup Generator

Umeme Plaza Property

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