• With over 10 years experience, Sakile Properties has built and successfully completed three residential projects with a total of 254 units in three different parts of Nairobi; Runda, Loresho and Karen. We have built and completed three commercial developments.
  • Sakile Properties are architecturally designed and built in a way that considers all the requirements of today’s modern needs. We pay attention to the planning details in a development, resulting in homes and buildings that are built to a very high standard.
  • We have extensive expertise that covers all aspects of property development, from concept to the final design touches, resulting in a consistent product.
  • We have an experienced team that offers exemplary customer service to our clients.
  • We offer friendly and competitive prices to our clients with options of both cash and individual mortgage buy.


Are you looking to purchase a prestigious residential property? Look no further! Our residential properties use innovative approaches in property development with sustainable building practices, state of the art architectural designs, built in serene locations that offer quaint spaces to raise your kids, peaceful environments to have retirement homes and great investment options


Sakile Properties offers an unparalleled range of commercial properties for rent. By taking control over the property environment, we have created desirable commercial properties that have signature quality and character


With the convergence of state of the art architectural designs, artistic landscaping while using exceptional technical and building capabilities, we have created brilliant residential homes. Our property portfolio caters to a variety of lifestyle needs with luxury, convenience, efficiency and security being top of mind.


Sakile Properties offer the best living experiences to all our buyers. Our property portfolio includes modern spacious apartments, private urban townhouses, luxurious villas, state of the art commercial units with best in class amenities and exceptional property locations.